Who is Kinumi Cati?

Kinumi Cati is a musician, professional gamer and multiple Guinness World Records breaker.

What is Kinumi Cati’s real name?

Officially born as “Hecaterina Kinumi Eglise”, her surname was adapted during her years in Spain to the spanish version “Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias”. After moving with her family outside of Spain she currently uses her original father’s surname “Eglise”.

Who is Kinumi Cati’s Producer?

Her producer is known as “Costas”, he works with the discography Warner Music and has been active in the music industry since 1977. Costas music genres are pop-rock, hard-rock and punk-rock.

What Guinness World Records did she break?

* “Longest videogame marathon on a JRPG” playing Final Fantasy X for 38 hours 6 minutes * “Longest videogame marathon on a MMORPG” playing World of Warcraft for 29 hours 31 minutes * “Longest videogame marathon on WoW” * “Longest videogame marathon on FF” * “Longest videogame marathon on a MOBA game” playing League of Legends for 30h * “Longest videogame marathon on League of Legends” playing for 30h

Guinness World Records Challengers: * “Highest Score on Angry Birds Poached Eggs 1-1” Score 36.000 Ranking: 9th of the world with highest score in mixed category and 1st of the world with highest score in female category

Where was Kinumi Cati born?

Kinumi Cati was born in Northern Spain to a french-italian father and a british mother.

Where does Kinumi Cati Live?

Kinumi Cati and her family have lived in the countries of Spain, United States, The Netherlands. Kinumi moved to South Korea in March 2019.