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Hello Everybody!!! ♡

Thanks to the amazing people from TokyoTreat I am able to bring you all a review of their Tokyo Treat Premium Box!!! Excited already? You should because there are so many amazing things in this premium box!

This Premium box will allow you to have a taste of real japanese snacks and the box itself is shipped from Japan!!! You will get a total of 17 items, which in the end is way more because some items bring individual packed snacks inside (for example the melon bread bag has a total of 22 melon breads inside each of them in individual packages, isnt that amazing?)

I hope you guys are ready cause you are going to LOVE Tokyo Treat’s Premium box! If the kawaii packed snacks dont melt your heart their deliciousness for sure will! Let’s have a look inside

The box itself is very cute, orange decorated with differetnt snack drawings, as soon as you open it you see a nice message where you can read “PREMIUM BOX from Japan with Love”. 

Look at this view!!! As soon as you fully open the box you will see many of the snacks and a little book laying on them.

In this book you will get ,among other things, this:

– A small maze puzzle

– Instructions for the DIY melon jelly drink that you will find in the box (more on that later)

– You will even be able to learn a little bit of japanese, in this case some fruit names to add to your vocabulary. Not familiar with Kanji or kana? Do not fear! This is beginner friendly so you will get the word in english, romanji and hiragana.

The moment everyone was waiting for!!! The snacks!!!

1. メロンパンクッキー (Melon Bread Cookies)

Once you open the big bag, surprise! You get 22 melon bread cookies inside, all of them nicely packed individually. There are 2 types: メロンパン (Melon Bread) and クリームメロンパン (Cream Melon Bread)

Both are amazingly tasty, some people will tell you that melon bread doesn’t really taste like melon, well this one does! The smell and the flavour is just delicious. The normal melon bread cookies really look like just a small bread and the creamy melon cookies are green in colour and have a thin layer of cream inside that makes them my favorite of both in flavour (more taste) and their creamy texture. But honestly, both cookies are delicious.

2. Coca Cola Clear 0kcal

After the cookies why not drink a little bit? Well just pick the Coca Cola bottle that comes inside Tokyo Treat Premium Box! Look at that! It is transparent Coca Cola! It looks exactly like water but, I was shocked! When I opened it it really smelled like just normal cola, and then I was ready for a “different” cola flavor but no, this is exactly like normal coca cola but transparent and with 0kcal! How? I have no idea but I love it, I wish I had a fridge full with this cola.

3. バナナマン (Banana Man)

The banana man marshmallow is a nice snack, and it has my favorite combination with marshmallow… A thin chocolate layer on top, I really love when fluffy and soft marsmallows have a very thin chocolate layer on them that makes that texture difference when you bite them, really soft inside and slighty crispy on the outside, its just perfect. It is shaped as a banana, and what can make a nice taste combination with that? That’s right, chocolate! This marshmallow banana is filled with a thin line of chocolate.

4. Double Raspberry Pocky

Pocky! Probably the most known japanese snack in Europe (or the world?), something that anybody interested in Japan decides to try when you get the chance, this Premium Box gives you not your typical Pocky (which is what you usually need to limit yourself to if you are not in Japan) but Double Raspberry Pocky!

To be honest when I saw it this was the first thing I opened, it has 3 packages inside each with 4 Pocky.

The stick is made of cocoa biscuit and is covered with dark chocolate and raspberry, really thick and soft it really melts while you bite. Delicious!!!

5. うまい棒 (Umaibō)

Umaibō are corn snacks, there are many flavors available, with this box you will get cinnamon apple pie flavour. Umaibō are one of those snacks that you can just put in your bag and eat when you fell like getting a snack outside. I had never have this before and I was expecting something salty just because of the look, but since its cinnamon apple pie flavor it was sweet, really nice, definitely now I am curious about other flavors.

6. Disney Tsum Tsum チョコレートバー (Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar)

Have you ever seen those cute Disney Tsum Tsum plushies? Now you can have the chocolate bar also! The bar is not just made of chocolate, it also has a wafer center. Really nice and crunchy!

7. フルグラ サンダー (Fullgang Thunder Bar)

This bar is covered with chocolate and filled with both cereals and pieces of strawberry, raisins and pumpkin seeds. Very crunchy and really tasty! You will want to get your hands on more of these bars, I ate mine already and I will get more just to take sometimes to school to have something nice to eat during the breaks.

8. しみチョココーン (Shimi Choco Corn)

Get ready cause you get four!!! Read that good? Four packages of Shimi Choco Corn! And you will be happy because you will want to repeat, and if you’re like me and take this to class your friends will want to eat it too, so you will be happy of having four packages. They are also so cute!!! Shaped like little stars, I fell in love with these.

9. フルーツドーナツ (Fruits Doughnuts)

This gummy is shaped as a doughnut and has a fruit flavor. I know that there are many flavors available so I do think that which flavor you’ll get will be a surprise! In my case I got a yellow one but there are some out there which are two different colors, so two different flavours in just one gummy doughnut. Small but always nice!

10. はちみつりんごのど飴 (Honey Apple Candy)

This is a candy flavor I have never seen around tbh, here in Europe I have seen apple flavor and honey flavor (both amazing) but this just mixes both! So I was really curious to know how this would taste, and once again I loved it, these combinations are really amazing! Its like the banana man marshmallow, banana + chocolate is known to be delicious (ever tried that in icecream?), apple and honey is also a delicious combo! So in case its not obvious, I love these candies.

11. Chip Star Potato Chips

Chips!!! These chips come in a can and when I opened it I was thinking I was going to see the chips directly, but I found out that the chips were inside of the can in a nice sealed plastic bag. When you open it there you have them! They have a lemon taste and feel so fresh and nice when you eat them, they also are a lot so when you just want to keep them for later or for another day you can always just put them back inside of the can (you can close the can so they will be nice to eat on a different day).

12. キャラメルコーン (Caramel Corn)

The bag is so cute!!! Am I the only one that feels guilty after opening cute packages? Like somehow I would like to just keep it looking this cute forever, but then I want to eat what’s inside so I need to break it open… Its always a difficult decision!

Now to the caramel corn, tasting it for the first time while I write this and I have no words!!! Like everyhting in this Premium box is delicious but, this caramel corns and the cream melon breads are at the very top for me!!!

Something that I cant explain is that they smell different than what they taste like, the smell is soft but the flavor is a lot!!! And even though its corn it gives you a really fresh sensation when you eat it, which I am guessing its because of the mint! Because they have (another amazing flavor duo) mint-chocolate flavor!

The bag is quite big, so usually I would say you can just close it and keep it for another day, but closing that bag knowing that there are still corns inside will be a challenge!!!

13. 玉葱さん (Mr. Onion)

So tasty!!! Another corn snack! These are like cheese balls but they also have onion flavor, really nice!!!

14. ゼリーメロン (DIY Jelly Melon)

DIY jelly melon drink!!! Really easy to make, you have the instructions in japanese on the bag and on english on the small book that comes inside the premium box! Just pour the powder in the plastic bolw, fill 2/3 of it with water and get ready because as soon as the water mixes with the powder the delicious melon smell will melt you away (I may have an obsession with melon flavor stuff), keep mixing it with the water untill it becomes jelly and its ready to drink.

I love DIY kits, they are so fun always!!! Its like a little achievement, have a look a my melon jelly drink:

That was the review!!! Everything was amazing and if I must pick favorites (which is really difficult) I would say for me the top are the creamy melon breads, caramel corn and the coca cola clear!

Thanks once again to TokyoTreat for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this Premium Box for all of you!!!

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