Taste Japan Box Review

Hello everybody!

First of all, thank you to the amazing people from Taste Japan for giving me the opportunity to review one of their great boxes!

This box comes shipped directly from… You guessed it? Japan!!! I know all of you love to get things to your home directly shipped from Japan so I knew everyone would fall in love with this box, many of you would have guessed already that this box will bring you japanese snacks but wait because there is more!!! The box that I am going to review brings a really cute yukata package filled up with snacks!!! Its so cute I fell in love the moment I saw it.

This was my view as soon as I opened the box, see how full it is? There is literally no space left for anything else inside!

Let’s see whats in there:

1. Electric shock gum

This one is amazing because you can have some laughs with it. This package brings you a round hard chewing gum (its more on the sour flavor than the sweet one, but I prefer sour flavors so for me its perfect) and a sticker, the sticker looks exactly like a light switch and it’s very 3D to make it look more realistic so you can put it on a wall and get some laughs when someone tries to use it thinking that its a real switch.

In the picture you can see everything: the package, the sticker and the chewing gum

2. シゲキックス

You remember that I said before that I prefer sour flavors? Well thats why I love these gummies, these are round and flat gummies covered in a white powder and they are a must if you like sour!!! The flavor is sour lemon and you get a total of 7 gummies!!! And they are really addictive (and I also doubt you’ve ever had candy this sour before), I took them with me to class and they dissappeared quite fast because my friends wanted to repeat too!!! Will definitely buy more of these!!!

3. 1本満足バー

This bar fills you up a lot!!! I didnt know it would fill me up so much because I have taken many different kinds of bars and they are ok (I could still eat something else afterwards), but with this one you really dont feel like eating anything else after you are done eating it. I’d say this is nice for either the mornings before going to school or during school break to recover some energy. The bar itself is quite big, its covered in chocolate and the inner part is crispy. Really nice!!!

4. あみじゃが コンソメ味

These chips are consomme flavor, I didnt know this flavor before trying these so to me the flavor was a surprise, and a good one!!! It has a lot of flavor and is really nice, also the shape of the chips is really original, I thought it was going to be nothing like in the picture of the bag, surprise, these chips look exactly like they do on the image of the bag, they are flat and round with a grid inside and they have a really smooth surface.

5. Yukata Bag

This is so cute that it needs a section just for itself, I mean look at it its awesome!!! This bag is shaped as a Yukata and I find it amazing, it is filled with more japanese snacks that I will review under this section, and its like getting an extra gift in your Taste Japan Box. After getting the rest of the snacks out of the Yukata shaped bag I made it into a make up bag, nice right?! I love it!!!

Lets review what we get inside:

5.1 ビスコ

These cookies are really known in Japan, the packet brings the nice amount of 5 sandwich cookies. The cookies are crunchy and between them there is really nice and tasty creamy filling, they are really nice so you’ll feel lucky to get 5 of these!!!

5.2 クッピーラムネ

This bag brings 10 candies of different colors (pink, orange and white). The candies are hard when you have them in your hand but they melt really fast once you put them in your mouth, in fact is a funny feeling because of how fast they melt (kinda bubbling like), this makes them quite addictive!!!

5.3 Pretz

Wait!!! I know what you guys are thinking, I know many people see a box of Pretz and for some reason people think that Pretz is a “Pocky imitaion”. Well I have done my research for you all, it turns out that Pretz was first sold in Japan in 1963 and Pocky was first sold in 1966!!! Now wait again!!! No, none of them is a copy of the other, in fact BOTH are made by Glico (that’s the food company that manufactures them)!!! So enjoy your Pretz because they are delicious!!!

5.4 餅太郎

Mochi Taro Rice crakers, I love the package because of the decoration on it, really nice format to put them in your bag and eat them outside also!!! These rice crackers are a really nice snack to have in the evening or just when you feel like eating something but you cant decide on what.

Many nice snacks in this bag and of course the amazing Yukata bag!!! You will also get a paper with information about the snacks for everyone who is not fluent in japanese (or if you are struggling with kanji!) so you dont need to worry.  Wanna get one of this boxes for yourself? Dont forget to visit TokyoTreat’s website to get your own box directly shipped from Japan!!!

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