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Hello everybody,

This time I bring you all something different than usual, I have reviewed many different boxes until now, some japanese boxes, other boxes included things from both Japan and Korea, but this time I bring you all a review for an amazing box which is full of different korean snacks, this box is 100% korean.

The first thing that I fell in love with is that it brings a 복주머니 inside (filled up with different sweets). They do have different kinds and colors for these bags, I was lucky enough to get the one I would love the most, as you can see mine is baby pink and white ♡

You can also buy these bags directly from their website in case you want a specific color or just because you want to have more than one, they are beautiful and really handy, I use mine as a purse. If you want to buy just the bag, you can see all models in the following link:

Lets have a look at the snacks you will find in this korean box:

1. 빼빼로

빼빼로 (Pepero) is a korean snack that may remind you of the japanese snack known as ポッキ(Pocky), 빼빼로 are cookie sticks dipped in chocolate and there are many different kinds. I received the 빼빼로 Skinny Cacao version, which I really enjoyed!!!! I had tried other Pepero before and it’s a korean snack that I really like to eat.

2. 초코파이

This snack cake is delicious!!!! Its made by two layers of cake with marshmallow in between them and then everything is covered by a layer of chocolate. It feels so soft when you bite it ♡ I really love these, and good news is that you get 2 of them with this box!!!!

3. 크라운 산도 딸기

Crown Sando Strawberry cream cheese cookies. The first thing that took my attention was the pacakage because its so nice and cute!!!! The cookies are filled with cream and are really tasty!!!! The strawberry filling is soft and delicious, once again luckily you get 2 of these cookies.

4. Ghana 크리미츄

These are small in size but wow you cant imagine how tasty they are until you try them!!!! It has a lot of texture also and when you bite on it its both soft, chewy and crunchy at the same time!!!! Mindblowing I know, I had to upload a picture of it cut in half so you all can see how it looks like inside and get a better idea of the texture. Once again you get 2 of these, but you wished you got even more because they are amazing!!!!

5. 오리온 후레쉬베리

These are two layers of cake filled up with strawberry cream, but like the Crown Sando Strawberry Cream cheese cookies, the strawberry cream is really tasty. The size of these cake snacks is also quite big, like one of them is as big as my whole hand. You also get 2 of these cakes ^_^

6. 제리뽀

Big gellatin with a lot of flavor!!!! If you are familiar with Kakao Friends you will recognize the character on top as Apeach (^_^) there are gelatines with other kakao friends characters also so I dont know if you would get the same one as me or a different one, either way, this gellatine is a really nice dessert.

7. 화이트엔젤프리티

White Angel Pretty. This is a small and really cute chocolate box, it brings 30grams of chocolate, and its really easy to put in your bag and eat some during a school break of whenever you feel like having a snack. I love mine because I have the pink version, there are different boxes available as you can see in the picture. Which one will you get? (^_^)

The box also brings some small candies in different flavors as a small treat. As you can see this box brings lots of different and tasty korean snacks and a beautiful 복주머니. I really recommend this box!!!!

Thank you so much to the people from Korean Snack Box for making this review possible and sending me such an amazing box.

You can get a discount when buying this amazing box with the code HEYKOREA3

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