KawaiiBox Review and Give Away

Hello Everybody (=✪ᆽ✪=)

I was contacted by the lovely people from KawaiiBox who asked me if I would be interested in doing a review of some of their articles and also a give away for you guys (≈ㅇᆽㅇ≈)♡ and here I am!!!

First of all:

What is KawaiiBox?

KawaiiBox is a website where you can get a monthly subscription to receive every month a box full of kawaii things from both Japan and Korea ♡ Sounds amazing already doesn’t it?

Now I will talk about the box that I received, which is the same box you can get for free if you participate in the give away so keep reading!!!!

The box as you can see is already really cute ♡ even when you open it you have messages written inside and even tips for the perfect unboxing, which I think is really original!!!

This box brings 11 Kawaii items:

1 ♡ As I LOVE cats I must start by reviewing this lovely plushie ♡ 

Bananya Plush Charm is a lovely kitty plush inside a banana (kawaii level overloaded already), as you can imagine by the name this item comes from Japan and there are 5 different models as you can see in the pictures 

(ミㅇ ༝ ㅇミ) it is big enough to fill my hand (remember that I am a tiny 1,55m so maybe in your hand is smaller), is really soft and it has a little chain to hang it wherever you prefer, in my case I have it in my schoolbag ♡

2 ♡ Watermelon Sharpener

Another really cute item that looks like a slice of watermelon, is a sharpener made of hard plastic and I like that it has a deposit that closes really well, not like some sharpeners that if they fall to the ground make a whole mess ^^! 

3 ♡ Peep Out! Animal Stick Markers

I love cute accessories, and now I can put really cute markers in my books ^^ There are 8 different types (5 penguins and 3 seals) and each of them brings 15 markers (so in total 120 markers).

They are long enough to write notes on them and they come in a little box that you can attach to your book or agenda to have them at hand when you need them.

I also love the detail that is not only the part that pops out of the book that is animal shaped, they even have tiny feet ♡

4 ♡ Cute Milk 2 Color Pen

I am so in love with this pen, the top of the pen is the head of a really cute cow, and to choose which color you want to use you need to tap her lovely ears ^^

It writes in blue or red, so I find it useful for studying as you can use the red color as a highlighter pen to mark the most important parts.

5 ♡ Kracie Poping Cooking DIY pudding Flan Parfait Kit

Another product from Japan, this time a DIY cooking kit that brings everything necessary to make some yummy pudding flan ♡

the instructions are in the back of the box and are in japanese, if you know japanese but you are not good at reading kanji you dont need to worry because you can read everything in hiragana/katakana.

I will leave the making of this one for a video ^^

 This is what you find inside

6 ♡ Happy Whistle Keychain

Purple Keychain with two happy faces and a whistle that actually works!!!!! It’s a cute keychain to put on your keys, bag or schoolbag ^^

7 ♡ Harajuku Hair Accessories

Two hair rubber bands with a rainbow and a happy face on one side and a ball on the other one, colors are pastel so they are perfect for styles like Fairy Kei.

Two pink hair clips with a happy face and heart eyes also in pastel pink color, you can use them together with the hair rubber bands (same theme) or separated. If you usually use hair clips for side bangs (like me) you will have to style your bangs from left to right to use these hair clips, otherwise the happy face will be upside-down ^^!

8 ♡ Pastel Eraser Pen

I think everybody knows how eraser pens work, they have an eraser inside of them and you can hide the eraser by pressing on the top of the pen and the eraser at the same time (so the eraser doesnt get all dirty while you dont use it) and you can also decide how much eraser you wanna use by pressing the top of the pen and letting more or less eraser come out of the pen.

What do I find pen erasers useful for? Correct detail mistakes while drawing, as the eraser has a small tip you will be able to easily erase little imperfections from your drawings, something that with a normal size eraser is more difficult to do without also erasing parts of the drawing that you want to keep.

9 ♡ DIY Korean Cupcake Set

A Korean product as you can see by the name, another DIY product but unlike the previous japanese DIY product this one is not for eating. It brings everything necessary to create a mini party ^^ with mini cakes that you can make yourself and decorate with shiny little heart, stars, rubber flowers and many other decoration things. It comes with four tiny dishes, two cupcake bases, two coffee cups, two mini bottles of wine and a glass.

It also has a small bag with white mass inside to make your own cupcakes.

 I will now show you my mini fast creation :3

 Soooo Cute!!!!! 

10 ♡ Kawaii Christmas Stikers

Christmas is over but we still have the three wise man to come. If you are one of those people who love christmas all year round this is so for you ♡ lovely santa, reindeer, presents, snowman and all you can think of christmas stickers ♡

11 ♡ Meiji Mini Candy Box

The Choco Baby mini box has mini chocolates inside, nice to take with you in your bag and eat whenever you feel you need a bit of chocolate ♡ 

And that was all!!!! I am really happy with every single thing that I received from KawaiiBox, if you guys are also in love with this box and want the chance of get all of this for free participate in the give away ♡

You can participate in the Give Away through my FaceBook Page:


Good Luck!!!! (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)


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