Japanese Snacks Delivery Sweets Box + Coupon Discount

Hello everybody!!!

The last box review of Japanese Snacks Delivery is here (^__^) This is their japanese sweets box, so get ready for some amazing sweets!!! Remember to use my coupon discount JSD-kinumicati5 when buying a box from Japanese Snacks Delivery ♡

So now one of the big questions when it comes to Japanese Snacks Delivery boxes, what will be the color of the paper envolving the snacks in this box? The answer is light purple!!! Really nice.

Inside of the box we find again a paper with information about the snacks and a japanese themed coaster ♡

The moment all of you were waiting for! The snacks:

1. Yokan:

If you love yokan you will love this box, this box bring four yokan and they are quite big also! 58 grams each and each of them is a different flavor ♡

If you are not good at reading japanese don’t fear because they are packed in different colors (^__^) and of course you can always check the papaer that comes with you box to check exactly which flavor each yokan is.

The flavors are:

– Red package: Firm yokan

– Purple Package: Adzuki bean

– Green package: Green tea

– Yellow package: Chestnut

2. Kintsuba:

You get a bag with a total of 12 Kintsuba inside, each of them in their individual package. They are really sweet, and I mean REALLY sweet, I wouldnt be able to eat more than one in a row because the sweetness fills you up a lot, so the bag will last you long ♡

3. Camembert cheese

This bag brings small slices of camembert cheese sandwiches, I never thought of cheese as a snack, but it turned out to be a really good one!!! Specially if you like cheese (I do) you will love this bag filled up with cheese sandwiches.

4. Iwatsuka’s Niigata Nure-Okaki

I dont have words for this one, my top favorite snack in this box really!!! These are rice crackers soaked in soy sauce and you just can’t imagine how delicious these are ♡ so soft, chewy and such flavor, it’s one of those snacks that you need to try yourself to understand how good it is.

5. Chiisana Atsuyaki Senbei

These are small rice crackers, you get a total of 15 rice crackers made with 100% japanese rice. They are smaller than the average size rice cracker but still have a nize size and remember that you get 15 which is not a small amount!!!

6. Nori and Peanuts

The first thing that I opened in this box, and I am happy I did, along with the peanuts you will find rice crackers in a stick shape roller in seaweed (nori), and it’s an amazing combination. I am one of those weird persons that feels like separating the stuff I eat, so I would unroll the seaweed roll and eat it and after that the rice cracker, but some of them I also ate the “correct way”, they are amazing in both cases!!!

7. Miyako Konbu

From seaweed to kelp (if you like algae this is your box), this beautiful red box brings you a lot of dried kelp inside. The size is really nice to just put in your bag and eat whenever you feel like having a nice snack!!!

8. Bontan Ame

These are really nice and sof candies (kinda gummy texture), the flavor is lemon orange and you get many of them. Be careful when opening the package since it is quite easy for the candies to fall out if you are not careful ♡ 

9. Green Tea

My mom, who spends a lot of time in Asia (including Japan), always says “you dont know what real green tea is untill you try japanese green tea”, well I need to agree now!!! This is a huge, and I mean HUGE difference from the tea bags that you can find here in Europe, the smell, the color and everything! I am shocked of such big difference to be honest ♡ I am going to miss these tea bags once they run out!

That’s all!!! Weren’t those 3 amazing boxes? Go to the website from Japanese Snacks Delivery and you can have one of their amazing boxes too, don’t forget that you can use my discount code on any box you want ♡

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