Japanese Snacks Delivery Matcha Box + Coupon Discount

Hello everybody!!! As promised I bring you the review for Japanese Snacks Delivery Matcha Box!!!

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So if you read my previous review on their Standard Box, you know that when you open a box from Japanese Snacks Delivery all your snacks are nicely envolved by a soft paper sealed with their sticker, since matcha is green, the theme of the box is also green (^__^)

In this box you also get a paper with information about all the snacks and a japanese themed coaster ♡

Honestly I cant decide where to start with this box, this needs to be one of my top favorite boxes out there!!! I didnt know I would like matcha SO much, like I am in love with the flavor!!! Let’s see everything one by one like usually:

1. Matcha Rice Crackers

Like everything else in this box, these are green in color. The rice crackers are quite dense compared with the rice crackers you can find in Europe (those feel like eating air), with these rice crackers you feel that you are eating, they are hard and unlike the rice crackers in Europe they dont dissolve in your mouth you need to chew on them. They are covered in matcha which gives you a lot of amazing matcha flavor as soon as you bite it, love them!!! The rice crackers are 100% japanese grown rice and the matcha is high quality Kyoto Uji’s matcha.

2. Matcha and Milk Marshmallows

Yes you read that good, marshmallows, as soon as I opened the box I had to open this package, it was like a must, I love marshmallows because they are so sponge like, and these ones looked so amazing I couldn’t resist!!! The shape is like a tear drop, they are white on the outside but are filled with gelly-like matcha inside. These are addictive!!! And delicious ♡

3. Matcha biscuit

This is a huge package!!! Which means, you get plenty of it!!! These are so nice, they are round and thick fluffy cookies (if you eat them you’ll understand what I mean by fluffy ^^). When you bite on them they kinda melt in your mouth and feel very creamy. The matcha flavor is strong from the moment that you open the bag!!! I really feel like eating them with a bowl of milk honestly (^__^) maybe in the morning before going to school.

4. Matcha Kitkat

I know I have been saying this during the whole review but, I LOVE this so much ♡ This is a big kitkat bag that brings you many small matcha kitkats inside, the kitkats are green in every single way (they have matcha everywhere they could put it in) and are so delicious!!! You dont taste chocolate, you taste matcha. These kitkats are consider high in matcha to the point that the matcha flavor overcomes the chocolate flavor, they contain twice as much matcha as other matcha kitkat versions. I’m completely sold with these!!!

5. Matcha Baumkuchen

I know, baumkuchen doesnt sound very japanese, that’s because it’s german. Baumkuchen is a kind of german cake but it is also a popular snack in Japan (thanks Google). Now to the point, you get 2 of these cakes and wow!!! After eating half of one I was legitly full, these fill you up a LOT!!! They are delicious in every way, the inside is spongy like and on the upper and lower sides there is a chocolate layer that is hard ( I love those contrasts in food). You may look at it like I did the first time thinking “oh its kinda medium size, I will eat one after lunch as a dessert”, I promise you will get really full very fast!!! I ate one in the morning as breakfast since it gives me energy for pretty much the whole morning and leaves me feelling full also.

And that’s it for this amazing box!!! I still have some marshmallows left, some cookies and a couple of kitkats, and hoping they will last long because I really love everything in this box!!! I think I have a matcha addiction now ♡ 

Thank you Japanese Snacks Delivery for the Matcha Box!!! ♡ If you all are liking their boxes, I have one more to review!!! Their Japanese Sweets Box!!! ♡ New review coming in really soon!!!

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