Halloween Box + Coupon Discount Japanese Snacks Delivery

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

For this Halloween I bring you an amazing box by Japanese Snacks Delivery ♡ this is their standard box and it includes some Halloween themed snacks (^__^) and I have a 5% discount coupon in all orders you make at Japanese Snacks Delivery!!! Coupon Code is JSD-kinumicati5

Unlike other boxes, once you open the Japanese Snacks Delivery box you see that all the snacks are envolved by a thin soft colored paper sealed with a nice sticker as you can see in the picture. It really gives the box a characteristic look!!!

You also get a plastic sealed bag with a paper giving you information about the snacks, a nice card from Japanese Snacks Delivery, a Totoro note with the message “Thank you very much! I hope you like it.” and a japanese themed coaster (^__^)

Lets check the Snacks one by one:

1. Halloween Special KitKat

You get a total of six Halloween special KitKats, really cute packages all of them! But its not only the package that is different than usual, the flavor too! All these KitKats are Caramel-Pudding flavor

2. Halloween Special Koala’s March

Really popular cookies!!! This is my first time with a Halloween special version of them ♡ The package is SO cute. These cookies are filled up with chocolate, if you know them already you know that on each cookie there is a koala drawing, on the Halloween version not only the package is Halloween themed but the cookies also!!! So you have cookies printed with the koala and pumpkins, each cookie has a different drawing so it’s always fun to see what you get in your next cookie.

3. Fried Kabuki

When it comes to rice crackers you all know by now that I find them always amazing, in the morning during class break or in the evening as a nice snack. This is quite a big package so good news is that you will have enough for a couple of days ♡ These are round and have the perfect size to fit one in your mouth so you dont need to bite half of it and make a mess because of little pieces falling around.

4. Bisco Biscuits

This cookies are so popular I have already reviewed them a total of 3 times!!! You can imagine that if they appear so often its not a coincidence, they are really nice!!! In case you missed the previous reviews: the packet brings the nice amount of 5 sandwich cookies. The cookies are crunchy and between them there is really nice and tasty creamy filling, they are really nice so you’ll feel lucky to get 5 of these!!!

5. Caramel Corn

I had a really amazing experience with the mint-chocolate flavor caramel corn, so I was scared of trying these ones because my previous ones had been so amazing that I thought nothing could beat them. This bag even brings peanuts inside!!! I definitely LOVE Caramel Corn so much ♡ Cant wait to try more flavors!!!

6. Shimi-Choco Corn

Star shaped, covered in pink chocolate and strawberry flavor? They have totally beaten the normal chocolate flavor ones!!! I have a new favorite ♡ So soft and tasty!!!

7. Heart shaped Strawberry Pocky

Everyone loves Pocky, but these are like omg, the biscuit stick is shaped like a heart ♡ and if thats not cute enough they are… PINK!!! You all know I love pink, so pink, strawberry flavour, heart shaped Pocky? Yes!!! I love every bite of it, and the small pieces of strawberry in it makes it even more delicious ♡ 

8. Poteco

Maybe I am weird but its my first time trying these ones so I didnt know what to expect!!! Really and I mean REALLy big bag!!! They are salty potato rings, the salt was produced in Okinawa. Really nice and they last a long time since the bag is so huge!!!

9. Osatsu

Fried sweet potatoes, these are so tasty and so different from other kind of fried potatoes!!! You really need to try them to understand how nice and sweet these are. One more delicious snack of this box!!!

10. Ninja Meshi

These are gummy like candies, they have a thin but amazingly graped flavored coating. The taste is really strong and tasty, I prefer to eat them like a candy instead of a gummy because then I can enjoy them longer (^__^) but if you wanna chew them instead that’s also fine!!! They are so tasty that it is difficult to not just bite on them.

An amazing box dont you think? Well I left one surprise for the end, they have 3 different boxes!!! Yes!!! There are more boxes with more amazing snacks in them, go check their website if you wanna know more and dont forget that you have my 5% discount code in any order you make (^__^) But thats not all!!! Amazing I know but there is more!!! I am doing a review for their other 2 boxes also!!! Dont miss it because they are really worth it ♡

Thank you so much to Japanese Snacks Delivery for your amazing boxes and making this review possible!!! ♡

Next review… Matcha Box!!!

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