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Thanks to the amazing people from DAGASHI Box I am able to bring you all a new review for this Amazing Japanese Box!!!

The DAGASHI Box brings you the amazing amount of 45, and its NOT a typo, I really mean 45 Japanese snacks 100% genuine!!! And that’s not all, apart from the 45 delicious snacks you will also get 1-2 retro toys and 1-2 original goods. This box is shipped directly from Tokyo to your home!!! 

This is one of the craziest boxes I have gotten my hands on to, it really brings a lot of stuff!!! 

The Dagashi Box is also special in that its a transparent plastic box with a top that you can use to open or close the box, so even after you finish eating all the snacks (you have enough snacks for a whole month in it!!!) you can use the box to store stuff.

Once you open your package you will find your dagashi box (really filled up with snacks) and a transparent envelop:

Inside the envelop you will find two stickers (I used them on tow of my notebooks for class), a really big badge button, a paper with some information about your snacks and… If you have allergies gonna love this part because you will get a paper with allergic information regarding the snacks!!!

This is amazing, I have seen so many people who want to buy japanese snack boxes but can’t because they have allergies and there is no information about allergens for them, with Dagashi Box you dont have that problem!!!

As you can see the paper includes the snacks and next to each snack you can read different allergens (milk, egg, fish, shellfish, nuts, peanuts, wheat or soy), if a product has one of those ingredients you will find a circle next to its name (check the picture).

You also get a board game that you can use to play with your friends!!! And its so much fun, sometimes you can skip forward so you are close to your goal, but sometimes if you fall on the wrong space you will go backwards!!! And now my favorite part of the game, some spaces are “eat dagashi” so you can pick a snack of your choice and enjoy!!!

More things you will get (yes there are even more things!!!) are an origami crane nicely made for you and a really cute bird whistle.

Lets check the snacks now, since I know all of you want to have a look to the 45 snacks. Check this image, there are exactly 45 japanese snacks there, have you ever seen so many japanese snacks together before? Its my first time too!!! You can find pretty much everything there, from cookies, to candy, chewing gums, umaibo, jelly, chips…There is even a bag of Baby Star Ramen Mini (ベビースターラーメン)!!!

So either sweet, salty or sour flavor, you name it and with this box you get it!!!

Now like I have repeated many times during this review, there are 45 snacks (still shocked here) which is a lot, I will give you all my review of the ones that I have tasted already!

1. Sanritsu Genji-Pie

There are 2 heart shaped cookies inside of the package, they are quite big too, the package itself is almost the size of my whole palm (just the finger tips of my longest fingers show under it). And the cookies themselves are really tasty!!! Happy that there are two cookies because you definitely want to go for a second one.

2. 赤ベー黒ベーガム

There are two chewing gums inside of this package (one red and one black, maybe you could tell by the name? (^_^  *)). The smell of these is so delicious!!! Both chewing gums are really soft when you chew on them, they feel like if they were melting inside of your mouth, then after chewing on them for a bit they get more of a chewing gum texture. Still what I love the most is the smell and flavor of these!!!

3. かっぱえびせん

These are amazing, I have never before opened a snack bag like this and felt like I really did have shrimps inside of it, like if you close your eyes it smells like real shrimps!!! Its a big bag so you get a lot of them, they are very crispy and taste delicious. Love it!!!

4. ひとくちようかん

I had never tried Yōkan before I must say, but now that I had the chance to try it I must say that it is really nice!!! Its easy to get out of the package since its very jelly but it doesnt melt or break while you squeeze it out, so you will get the whole block outside in one pice if you want to. Its very jelly like and thick, when you bite through it you’ll see that it is quite dense and it has a lot of flavor. Very tasty!!!

5. 柿の種

I had tasted these before here in Europe, but nothing like these ones!!! These are spicy, in fact I did a game with a friend to see which one of us could eat more at once and not need to drink water right away haha ok we are maybe a bit exaggerated and not that used to spicy foods, but we had fun and it was a very nice snack.

6. Mini Four

these come in a plastic can that you can open and close, they are small candies with a lot of flavor. The candies are those white ones that dissolve in your mouth while giving you a fresh feeling.

7. Rilakkuma Gummy

Honestly, I havent eaten this one because its so cute!!! But I wanted to comment on it anyway because come on its a Rilakkuma gummy!!! Like you dont get cuter than this!!! We all know gummy bears, but this just makes your favorite bear (Rilakkuma) into a gummy, and its one of those snacks that it just too cute!!!

8. カラーペン

I love this kind of snacks that are shaped as objects, but the best is that this one is not just shaped as a pen, you can actually draw with it too!!! The body of the pen is filled up with lots of small colorful balls that you can eat, they are made of chocolate!!!

9. うまい棒

I love Umaibō, the package is always so cute and there are so many different flavors. For those of you who may not know, Umaibō is a snack made of corn that’s shaped like a thick stick. I really like that its so easy to just put in your bag and eat anywhere you like. Remember that I said that there are lots of different flavors? This one is salad flavor!!! You read that right, salad!!!

10. みそカツ

This was the very first thing I tried because I was so curious about it.  Its a salty snack with a crispy surface but soft inside (its made of surimi), I really liked it!!! Its way different from anything else I have ever tried.

Those are all the snacks I have tried until now!!! And I have a lot more to go, which I will keep you all updated on my future posts. As you can see the Dagashi Box really brings you a lot of nice stuff, from a board game, to toys, to more snacks than you could ever dream of and its friendly for people with allergies!!!

Thank you once again to the people from Dagashi Box for making this review possible and having such an amazing box so everybody can try the dagashi at their home!!! Don’t forget that you can get this amazing box directly shipped from Tokyo to you house too!!!

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