Blippo Lucky Bag Review + Give Away <3>

 Hello everybody!!!!

I am back with an amazing give away for you guys っゝω・)っ!!!

The awesome people from Blippo asked me if I was interested in doing a review and give away of one of their lucky bags and here we are!!! (◕‿◕)

Check it out cause you will love it!!! <3 

The bag arrived really fast but I guess that will depend on where you live, I live in The Netherlands so if you are in Europe also I guess you will also receive it quite fast.

The bag itself is made of fabric, so the good news here is that you can use it afterwards to put other things inside like accessories ☆

Let’s review everything that came inside!!!!! 

1. Stickers:

Lots and lots of amazingly cute stickers!!!

These are the jewelry stickers, they look like pink diamonds and they come in different sizes. You can use them to decorate whatever you want and it will give that shiny cute look, you can even use the small ones to decorate your nails or use them as fake extra earrings!!!

These japanese stickers are related to food, I love how cute they look and how soft they are ^^ there are so many things!!! ice cream, ramen, sandwiches, bread, chocolate, fried eggs,… But if you want stickers related to food and look even more cute you need to check the right ones!!!!

These stickers are also food related but as you can see it’s more about things like pizza (yummy!!!), hamburgers, hot dogs and different desserts. What makes these stickers adorable are that some of them even have happy faces on them!!!

More stickers, but this time you can literally make your own restaurant with these, you have the puppy chef, your puppy client, menu and lots of different dishes.

When you open it, there is a paper with a background that looks like a restaurant with tables, chairs and even a kitchen, I think it can be nice if you put the stickers there and then stick that page somewhere else so it doesnt break. I find this one also really cute.

The last ones are many different types of bow stickers, the colors are mostly pink and blue and you can also find some heart and star stickers in this one.

2. Kawaii Small Markers:

This is a small transparent bag with 5 different markers (pink, orange, yellow, blue and green). The bag has a zip so the markers dont fall outside and all of them are decorated really cute with stars, music notes, cats, dogs, bears and other animals.

3. Magnetic Kitty Bookmarks:

I LOVE cats, so I love everything that is decorated with cats or a cat theme and these bookmarks are just sooo cute!!! There are three of them with 3 different cats and the main colors are blue, light orange and dark orange.

Here you can also see how they look when you open them, as you can see the full image of the face of the cat is inside of the bookmark. My favorite is the one in the middle ❤

 4. Kitty Paw Sticker Bookmark:

More kitty theme bookmarks but this time the sticker version. I would use this ones as permanent markers (to get faster to a specific part of a book that you need to review often) and the magnetic ones to mark where you were left when reading a book and things like that.

5. Chicken Post-it:

I prefer to write in the white part of this post-it (inside of the mouth), because otherwise you need to write on top of the chicken and that doesnt look that nice. So I would use it to write small notes. In my case I usually leave a post-it on the door if I need to go out and there’s nobody at home, that way I’m sure that if someone arrives before I do they wont worry as they will read the note I left (that way you avoid unread whatsapp and facebook messages, phones without battery, etc Personal experience here haha)

6. Korean Pencil Combo:

This package brings 8 cute pencils, one eraser, two pencil caps and a sharpener. The pencils and the eraser are decorated with a white bear.

This is really useful if you like to draw (like me), as you can always erase little mistakes. The pencil caps are also useful, at least if you are like me and your pencils fall to the ground often by rolling down the table… The cap will avoid the tip of the pencil from breaking!!!

7. Carrot Erasers:

Three big erasers that look like carrots!!! Like I said they are quite big if you wanna erase just a small thing, but they thought about that also. When I opened the package I realized that you can take the green part off and that becomes a smaller eraser (better for detail), so it’s a really useful eraser.

8. Hello Kitty Sharpener:

 This sharpener is shaped as Hello Kitty’s hair bow ^^ in the picture the color looks more like baby pink but in real life it is brighter and a bit darker, so basically I would say it is the same color as the background where it says “Hello Kitty”. This sharpener apart from being really cute also has a nice size, it’s not too small so you dont need to worry about it being full after using it two times.

9. DecoTapeSet

This set brings nine different tapes, each of them decorated with a different theme. Four of the tapes are decorated with flowers, three of them with different stripes (straight, zig zag and diagonal), one is decorated with an animal pattern (leopard like but with a different color) and the last one is decorated with circles.

Useful to wrap presents instead of the boring transparent tape, but you can also use it to decorate things ^^

10. Ghost Family Pen

Like everything else in this Lucky Bag this pen is really cute, the pen cap as you can see in the picture is a little ghost with big eyes and fangs. Even though the pen is blue outside, it writes with black ink. It’s tip thickness is 0.5 so I guess it’s normal/thin.

11. Lenticular Panda Card

The last item in this lucky bag is a lovely Panda card that changes when you move it (taking a proper picture of it was kind of a challenge haha ^^).

You can use it to decorate by putting it on you wall, on a book cover or even on the back of your phone if you like ^^

This is everything for this give away guys!!! Remember that you can also get an amazing Lucky Bag for free by participating in the Give Away!!!

To participate in the give away and get a lucky bag with products from Japan and Korea for free just click on the following link and sign in!!!

Good Luck Everybody!!!



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